Can I mass import my contacts into SoSuite?

Importing contacts into SoSuite from any source is simple— Within SoSuite simply download the example csv sheet and just put your contacts into the CSV file, and import. We have a helpful video that walks through the process, or you can contact our team for assistance.

Do I need special IT support to integrate SoSuite?

Nope! We are a cloud based service provider. You can access SoSuite from your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet! If you have access to the internet, you can access SoSuite!

Will SoSuite work on my mobile devices?

Of course it does! Our software is mobile responsive and designed to work from your phone or tablets browser.

How can I pay for SoSuite with something other than a credit card?

Other than credit cards, you can pay for SoSuite with PayPal or Echeck by setting up a recurring payment with us. If you plan on going this route we do recommend paying annually.

What do I do if I need help?

Just contact us! We’ve got you covered. If you need phone support we are happy to set up a call time and assist you with your needs.